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Techies For Techies

Our Vision

We aim to build an ecosystem that allows for efficient and smooth recruitment in the tech industry. We are a group of techies, trying to disrupt the existing hiring process to help:

  • Fellow techies (and job seekers!) find the jobs they actually deserve in a hassle-free manner.
  • Companies that are too busy with day-to-day operations to find new employees for their growing team.
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Our Story

A company’s CEO-cum-friend of mine had been struggling to find the right person to take their product to the next level. Luckily, I knew someone in my professional network who’d be perfect for the job and promptly referred her. Within a week, she was hired. The incident made me realize how tech hiring is a challenge for a lot of companies because third-party platforms or consultancies often don’t understand their requirements.

workplace illustration
workplace illustration

I got in touch with Shekhar (another fellow-techie + problem solver!) and we decided to ease hiring for companies by building a referral-based hiring network. Eventually, the idea evolved into a fool-proof candidate screening process that ensured that only candidates qualified and well-suited for the job, were interviewed.

The journey to Workship wasn’t as smooth as you may think.

Our Journey

With the aim to perfectly match hiring requirements to candidate profiles, we started Sadepach in 2017. We presumed that given our industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of the tech landscape, recommending suitable candidates would be a cake walk. While finding clients who were eager to work with us was not hard, we encountered some real hurdles on our way.

Obstacles In Hiring

Vague Job Descriptions

Job descriptions fail to convey roles and responsibilities effectively leading to a lack of clarity among the candidates about what the job entails.

Ineffective Resume Screening

Selection of suitable candidates is based on text matching their resumes with the job description, which fails to accurately communicate their abilities.

Subjective Interviewing

Interviewers rely more on their “gut-feeling” than the candidate’s proficiency and their decision gets overshadowed by assumptions and other underlying biases.

Lack Of Communication

Candidates are often left wondering about the interview outcome and very rarely receive feedback, leading to dissatisfaction and self-doubt.

Considering all these factors, we saw a genuine need for a standardized screening process that allows us to assess the candidate's abilities through customized tests. This not only paves way for a proficiency centric interview later but also accelerates the entire hiring process.

In short, we’ve been on both sides of the table. So, with a team of techies devoted towards getting every candidate the perfect job and every company a suitable employee, we wish to change how hiring works for all the parties involved.

About Us

sandeep deshmukh


A PhD from IIT Bombay, I’ve worked in Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem, Distributed Systems, AI/ML, etc for 7+ yrs. I’ve been an Engineering Manager at DataTorrent and Data Scientist with Reliance Industries. I love teaching, and you’d often find me conducting sessions and workshops for college students as well as working professionals.

chandrashekhar patil


A Master’s in Computer Science, I’ve worked across Distributed Systems, Mobile application development, Infrastructure Engineering at a career spanning over 12 years. I was the COO at Venturit Inc. and ran my own startup, Attitude Labs. I’m an avid reader and whole-heartedly believe that technology can elevate the human potential to the next level.

We sincerely believe that hiring, especially for technology roles, can be a cumbersome process, for both companies as well as candidates. Workship is our attempt at reducing the friction and making the hiring experience, a pleasure for both sides!