The role of the chief technical officer (CTO) of any company is a healthy mix of technical leadership and operational management. A CTO needs to have the technical expertise to shape the technical strategy of the company. But along with that, managing their technical team is also a key responsibility of a CTO. 

Management and leadership go hand in hand. As Peter Drucker has rightly said, “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.” While the latter is more of a value that we’d not get into, acing the former is something we can help you with. 

A well-managed team is one which has smooth communication and collaboration. Once that is taken care of, it directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the teams. So, a CTO’s role is to ensure that the right processes are in place that can make teamwork possible even if the team is not under the same roof (which is a common scenario in the present times). 

Here are five apps that can help CTOs in managing their technical team effectively. 

Trello- Task Management App

When managing their technical team, the first concern for every CTO is monitoring, delegating and sharing tasks with the team. Trello proves as a great asset in that. Trello allows the user to create boards for different projects/teams and then add cards on those boards listing the tasks for that team/project. 


Those tasks can then be delegated to different members. Also, one can share assets, files on those cards and even add checklists to it. Furthermore, one can due dates to the cards to convey the deadlines for them clearly with their team. 

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In addition to that, team members can comment and coordinate work and discussions related to the tasks on the card itself. This allows complete transparency, clear communication, a permanent record of the work. 

And lastly, it can be integrated with most of the commonly used web-applications ranging from google drive, dropbox to even Github and Gitlab. Find all integrations available on Trello here. 

Slack- Team Communication App

Slack is a widely-used communication platform by professionals from all walks of life. The popularity of Slack can be credited to its hassle-free interface that allows users to create different communication channels for different topics/tasks/projects/teams. 


Not just that, it allows anyone to search any conversation from the past around a topic allowing quick access to important information. Furthermore, it also has the option of generating communication threads helping in tracking discussions easily. 

In addition to that, it has options of adding multiple workspaces for multiple clients. This makes all communication faster, clearer and more efficient.

Lastly, Slack offers innumerable integrations including Trello. So, using the combination of both for managing technical teams becomes ideal. Apart from that, it can be integrated with various development tools like Github, GitLab, Sentry and Stack Overflow for Teams and more. Find all integrations available on Slack here. 

Dropbox- Storage and Sharing App

Dropbox is an easy-to-use, low-cost cloud storage and sharing platform. First of all, it allows for the storage of files with cloud security. Depending on the need of the company, one can decide on the plan needed. It starts at 1TB cloud storage.


To top that, it also aids a lot of collaboration in terms of sharing. From files to folders one can share anything through it, irrespective of their size without worrying about their safety. Furthermore, the user chooses the extent of access granted to the team members and can even password protect the files. 

Clockify- Time-Tracking App

Once the communication and collaboration have been sorted out, monitoring that the team is on task becomes important. So, a time-tracking solution is needed. 

time tracking

We recommend Clockify as it is very easy to use and can be integrated with Trello. Therefore, it completes a CTO’s toolkit for managing their technical team. It has a stopwatch timer which can be attached to each card on Trello. So, all the team member has to go is start the timer when he/she takes up a task and stop it once done. 

In addition to that, it allows the manager to view user time-sheets and generate reports and analytics. This can help in tracking the progress and profitability of the work. It also lets one know the average time being spent on different types of tasks. This way scheduling tasks for the team can be done effectively. 

In The End

We’ve not mentioned to many apps as we strongly recommend not to overdo this. If you add too many tools to your processes, your team would be occupied in managing and working with the tools and not be able to work efficiently on the tasks at hand. Hence, these 4 apps can together make up an efficient management tool-kit to smoothen your workflow.

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