While job seeking is popularly considered as an event or a discreet activity, we like to look at it as a journey. Each person is at some milestone or the other in this journey.

While you may have your own way of hunting for new opportunities, we are definite you would be able to relate to one of these types of job seekers. Find out your type now. And know how we can help you find your dream job.

Types Of Job Seekers

The Trooper

If you like to persevere until you finally hear a yes or a no from your recruiter, you are a trooper. You diligently fill the application, apply for the job, wait a few days and then you need an answer. Well, you deserve to know- whether you got through or not, right?

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So, you go for a follow-up email, sometimes a call to the hiring manager. Now, being tenacious is good but you might want to ping the person on Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, maybe even a tweet. That’s where you draw the line. You don’t want to piss off your recruiter, even before they have actually gotten to your application.

Well, but how do you know? You can leave it to us. If you sign up on Workship and apply for jobs through us, we do the persevering for you.

The Procrastinator

There is always a tomorrow for you. You find the right job opportunity, bookmark it, and then wait for the doomsday to arrive. We know it’s not that you are not serious about the job. But why apply today when you can apply tomorrow, right?

Not really. Sometimes, you miss the bus. And even if you don’t, you don’t leave the right impression on your recruiter. Or he or she would have already shortlisted candidates and got good profiles so doesn’t bother to look into your application.

Don’t get worked up. You can easily combat this. All you got to do is set deadlines for applications a few days before the actual deadlines. And stick to them. If you still think you would miss the deadlines, you could sign up with us and apply for jobs through Workship. Then we will make you sure, that you don’t miss out an application deadline for a job that’s right for you.

The Eagle

Now you just like to keep a watch, don’t you? You are not planning to find a new job but it doesn’t hurt to know about the latest opportunities out there, does it? You like to stay updated and monitor the latest job trends. And who knows, someone might make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Working Man

Well, we can be your regular jobs bulletin. You can sign up on Workship and stay updated on the latest job opportunities in the best tech-startups out there. We are sure with us, you can access exclusive job opportunities that you might not find elsewhere.

The Carefree One

Now you can put in too much effort in an application. You know you will have the skill, you know you can ace the interview but applying is just so tedious and boring for you. So, you apply only to jobs which are easy to apply. And you don’t put in too much effort in drafting the perfect answers, making the impeccable resume.

Well, recruiters can easily get a whiff of your casual outlook and might dump your resume instantly. Just because you are a bit laid back, you shouldn’t miss out on all those great opportunities.

Workship can offer you an easy, hassle-free, tech-driven recruitment process. And your recruiters wouldn’t take you lightly either. Because you have been screened by us. So, why not give us a try.

The Planner

You are dextrous and you are organised. You proactively keep tabs on opportunities-even those that might come up in the future. You are sorted with your resume, you plan your application well and stay in touch with hiring managers for latest jobs.

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While this is a fool-proof plan, isn’t it a little too much work? Would you mind if we make this process a little easy for you? Workship can do it. Get to know the best job opportunities out there, before the rest of them and apply hassle-free through a tech-driven hiring process by signing up with us.
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We love that you are different. And we love to make the job-hunt easy for you, irrespective of how you like to find your dream job. There are so many opportunities waiting for you out there. You just need a good buddy to help you get them.

So are you ready for your next startup job? Find the best tech profiles across multiple startups in India on Workship. Sign up now for an exclusive job search experience.

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