The Workship Interview is an online technical interview, which includes a live coding session. It is divided majorly into three segments. In the first segment, the interviewer shares a real-life problem statement with you which you need to understand and discuss with the interviewer to get clarity. In the next segment, you brainstorm a plausible solution to the problem and discuss the data structures to use and its complexity. The final segment is the coding bit where you code the discussed solution, live, in front of your interviewer. Candidates who have cleared the quiz round, reach this stage and are free to schedule this interview at a time of their convenience. 

If you are someone who’s gotten through our quiz round and is about to schedule their interview, we recommend going through this article first. It’s a refresher on best practices and what to expect during your Workship interview.

Scheduling Your Interview

Scheduling of interview can either be done through the email link that you’ll receive after you pass your test. Or you can schedule your interview from the dashboard itself.

For Scheduling

While booking please don’t forget to check your calendar for any prior engagements. Also, we don’t want you to hurry into this. So, take your time. Choose your slot, after considering the time you’d need to prepare for the interview. There’s absolutely no rush from our side as we want you to put your best foot forward.

We strongly recommend reading the Workship Interview Guide before you book your interview slot.

For Rescheduling

We understand that there might arise some situations that require you to reschedule. In that case, please reschedule at the earliest on your Workship dashboard, and inform your coordinator about it. Last-minute cancellations lead to wastage of time of the interviewers as well the other candidates in the pipeline who could be interviewed in the said slot.

Setting up for the Interview

Setting up a video call can take time. To avoid cutting the setup time into the actual interview, we’d like to be prepared beforehand. Here a few things to take care of:

Setup For Your Laptop

The interviews are conducted via Zoom. If you don’t already have the application installed on your machine, please download it here. Please note that the interview requires you to log in from a desktop or a laptop (NOT a mobile phone). 

Acquaint yourself with the Zoom application, maybe do a mock call with one of your friends if you’re new to this. Run an audio and video test in advance, ensure a stable internet connection, keep your charger handy, to avoid distractions during the interview. 

To be more comfortable during the interview, we’d suggest you keep your development environment ready too. Please make sure the IDE that you would like to use during the interview is installed and set up before the interview and if required, create a new project that you can use readily along with any setup to run the program.

Set Up Your Environment

Choose your environment wisely. You wouldn’t want external disturbances bothering you during the interview. Make sure it’s noise-free, including the notification sounds coming from your mobile as well as your laptop. You might want to put those on the “Do Not Disturb” mode for uninterrupted focus. 

Just like you, our interviewers also need to stay focused during the interview. One way you can help them in that is by making sure you have a clear background and that there’s no bright light behind you reflecting off your laptop.

Once you have all these in place, you are all set for the interview. 

Our interview panel tries their best to ensure that all interviews are conducted on time. In case the interviewer is stuck somewhere and gets late, wait for a couple of minutes and then inform your coordinator about this. The coordinator would get in touch with the interviewer and try to fix it up. If the interviewer is not there within the first 10 minutes, you may drop off the call after leaving a message with your coordinator. I

An unsteady internet connection at either of the ends may cause issues in communication. It would be a good idea to keep a backup ready and switch to the backup network as soon as you face problems with the primary line. If you get disconnected during the interview, please reconnect as soon as possible. In case the interviewer gets disconnected, wait for a couple of minutes for them to rejoin.

During the Interview

For the interviewer to understand and assess you better, it is important that there is a constant line of communication between you and the interviewer. So, it would be advised to keep your audio and video on at all times. Please try to ensure that the connection is maintained throughout the interview.  

We want to replicate your regular coding environment during the interview. Feel free to access the internet while you code. At the same time, we want complete transparency between you and the interviewer. So, we’d request you to share your entire screen and not just the editor window during the interview. 

It is important for us that you understand the questions and the outcomes expected very clearly. So, please wait for the interviewer to complete his entire question before you respond. At the same time, feel free to ask any clarifying questions to have a clear picture of the problem statement given to you. 

We’ve noticed that preparing right, not just in terms of knowledge and skills but also in terms of the setup has a great impact on someone’s performance during the interview. 

Being better prepared will help you keep the nerves at bay. If you’re not sure what to expect during the interview, we strongly recommend reading the Workship Interview guide.

Good luck!

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