At Workship, we strive to break the stereotypes and perceptions attached to recruitment platforms by making the candidate experience as personal as possible. Finding a new job is challenging and we try to remove as many hurdles as we can, in the process.  

Gauri Kalbande, got in touch with us when she was looking for a new job. We helped her out to the best of our abilities. Recently, we got in touch with her to know how was the experience. Here’s what she has to say.

What kind of job profile were you looking for? How similar was it to the job you currently have?

I have always been intrigued by structures, processes and understanding the bigger picture behind things. So, the job I was seeking was that of Systems Software Engineer. Fortunately, that’s the exact profile I have right now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it.

We’d like to know more about your experience with Workship!  Can you elaborate on the hiring process (from registration to getting an offer) that you went through with Workship to land your job?

If I had to describe the experience and process I went through in a word, I would call it prompt. And that was what made me love it. Frankly, I signed up on Workship as a part of a “signing up spree”. I basically signed up on all the recruitment platforms I was aware of. I stumbled upon Workship and thought it wouldn’t hurt to make a profile on another recruitment platform. Just like all the others. But from there on, it all changed. As soon as I completed my self-evaluation and assessment, I got a call from Arpita from Workship. She discussed the kind of profile I was looking for and my strengths and skills. Soon, she contacted with a suitable opportunity, arranged for an interview. All the while, she was a call away. She responded promptly to my concerns and assisted me with all formalities until I had the offer letter in my hand.

How was your experience with the people behind Workship? What was their role in your job hunting journey?

Arpita’s role in my journey was central. She coordinated every bit with the company I was applying to and kept me updated. I was always aware of the process of my application without actually having to do anything. From interview scheduling to offer related negotiations, Arpita handled everything really well. What was really helpful that she was not like the usual HR personnel. She is a techie herself so she understood the profile, explained the job description thoroughly and even suggested me topics to prepare for the interview. 

Did you also try other recruitment portals? How different was your Workship experience as compared to them?

Yes, as I told earlier, I made a profile on almost every portal under the sun. But once I started using Workship, I barely checked those portals. They were so annoying anyway. I got suggestions ranging from junior engineer to airline ground crew and what not. I barely found anything I would actually apply for. Most of the times the profiles were way off-track. Even if the position matched, the company would sound sketchy. Workship was different, way better. I guess that was because they had people managing the whole thing, and it was not automated. The human touch changed everything about the experience.

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What, according to you, are the most common pain points that candidates encounter while looking for a job?

After getting absolutely frustrated with so many recruitment platforms, I would say finding relevant job openings in legit firms is the biggest pain point for a candidate. It’s absolutely frustrating. I mean I apply for the job of a software engineer, and they start suggesting receptionist jobs to me. What logic are they using, anyway?

How successful would you say Workship has been in combating these issues?

Well, Workship had a 100% success rate in this aspect. Not even a single recommendation I got from them was irrelevant. They recommended jobs that matched my domain explicitly. This meant I did not get a lot of recommendations, but all of the suggestions I got were worth applying to.

If you could give one suggestion to candidates searching for a job, what would that be?

I would recommend them to take two simple steps. Step one, reach out to Workship.  And step two, prepare for the process well.

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