At Workship, we always try to assist candidates in the best way possible to make their job hunting experience as smooth as possible. Our aim to get them the job they deserve and the job they’d enjoy.  

Iqbal Ansari, who reached out to us a while ago during his job search shares how he felt after finding a perfect match for himself.

What kind of job profile were you looking? How similar was it to the job you currently have?

I was looking for an opportunity in backend development and my current profile as a Software Development Engineer at a leading FinTech company matches my requirements perfectly and offers me a lot more to learn and grow professionally. 

We’d like to know more about your experience with Workship!  Can you elaborate on the hiring process (from registration to getting an offer) that you went through with Workship to land your job? 

After connecting with Workship, I was first and foremost contacted by Arpita from their team. She discussed my requirements and skills and prior experience in the field. After that, there was also a telephonic screening of sorts taken by Sandeep, Workship’s founder. He tried to understand me and the profile I was looking for better. And then, they responded within a few days with a perfect opening for me- my present job. This was followed by a technical screening by the organisation, a take-home exercise, a pair programming session and a couple of interviews at their office.  Finally, there was the final negotiation and I had the offer letter in my hand. 

How was your experience with the Workship staff? What was their role in your job hunting journey?

My experience with people from Workship was really good. First of all, they helped me find an excellent opportunity and then they were really helpful throughout the interview process. I really liked that I was always kept updated about the status of the application without having to follow-up from my side.

Did you also try other recruitment portals? How different was your Workship experience as compared to them?

I have tried a couple of other portals in the past. I think Workship is different in two aspects:

  • My feeling is that Workship works really well if you are looking for young and fast-growing companies. I discovered a lot of interesting companies that I had not heard about on the other portals. 
  • The process at Workship is kind of end to end. They help you from discovery right up to final offer letter phase. It is full-fledged assistance until you have the right job. 
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What, according to you, are the most common pain points that candidates encounter while looking for a job?

For me, it has been the need to constantly follow up with the recruiters for an update of the application. I find it to be a black box where recruiters take ages to respond. Many don’t even care to do that. 

How successful would you say Workship has been in combating these issues?

I think Workship was fairly transparent about the process at each of the stages. I was well-aware about the progress of my application and it takes way one of the main pain points of job hunting- the “not knowing phase”. 

If you could give one suggestion to candidates searching for a job, what would that be?

I think it is very important to be sure of what you looking for and if the company you are applying to provides that.

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