It is always our priority to assist the candidates in the best manner possible in their job search. For that, we not only try to find the right job for the candidate but also help them in getting the job. 

Sonal Deshmukh was yet another candidate that we were able to help out recently. She shares how the right preparation helped her get the job she had always wanted. 

What kind of job profile were you looking for? How similar was it to the job you currently have?

I was looking for a position where I can use my existing expertise in C/C++  and learn and enhance it further. The current job as a Software Engineering Specialist matches that perfectly. 

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We’d like to know more about your experience with Workship! Can you elaborate on the hiring process (from registration to getting an offer) that you went through with Workship to land your job? 

My experience with WorkshipHQ work was as smooth as it could get. The process they follow is very systematic, to say the least. To begin with,  there was the registration process which is not cumbersome and can be done quickly. Post that, once I prepared my profile by completing my self-evaluation and the assessment. Then, the ball was in their court and they took charge of everything. They got in touch with me, understood my requirement, found job opportunities that were suitable for me. Once, I applied for the ones I liked, they scheduled the interview, helped me prepare for it and assisted me until I received the offer letter. 

How was your experience with the Workship staff? What was their role in your job hunting journey?

The Workship team is very co-operative and supportive. Kavita’s guidance and support really helped me get through. Especially, the tips she provided for my interview preparation. They were insightful and really came in handy at the interview. As she has sound knowledge of the field and knows the company too, her insights were priceless.

Did you also try other recruitment portals? How different was your Workship experience as compared to them?

I did not have to try other recruitment portals. The common ones are cluttered with all kinds of listings while Workship has listings only for techies like me. It filters out all the non-tech spam right away. So, going to those portals made no sense. 

What, according to you, are the most common pain points that candidates encounter while looking for a job?

Most of the time, the job descriptions provided by the company are vague. It really irks me. First of all, I am not clear what the role entails, I don’t know what skills they are exactly looking for and so I end up not applying at all and then thinking whether I should have applied instead. It’s all very confusing. 

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How successful would you say Workship has been in combating these issues?

Job descriptions received from Workship were as thorough as they could get. It had a detailed section about the skills and requirements. It also had an “About The Company” section. Not just that, they sent a list of links and details to cover for that particular profile for the interview. It also helped me get so much clarity of the role.

If you could give one suggestion to candidates searching for a job, what would that be? 

To pace with the present times where technology keeps changing every minute, every techie should keep themselves updated with the current and upcoming technologies. That is the best way to set yourself apart from the other candidates that are applying for the same job as you. 

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