At Workship, we aim to understand candidates needs and expectations along with the job requirements to find the jobs that match perfectly to their values and skills. And we strive to improve based on the feedback of their experience with us.
Recently, we were in conversation with Vatsal Mevada, who reached out to us a while ago during his job search and here’s what he had to say about his experience.

What kind of job profile were you looking for? How similar was it to the job you currently have?

I began my job search looking for a role in Distributed Systems that could challenge and help me grow professionally. I believe that having a job that equal parts stimulating, and exciting promises a steep learning curve in the long-term and that’s exactly what I was interested in. Ultimately, I landed a similar profile at a young but fast-growing company, that puts my problem-solving skills to test and surprises me with something new every day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  

We’d like to know more about your experience with Workship!  Can you elaborate on the hiring process (from registration to getting an offer) that you went through with Workship to land your job?

My experience with Workship was great and very unique, to say the least. Unlike usual recruitment agencies who are always eager to just forward resumes without evaluating employee (and employers) needs.

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Sandeep (Founder, Workship) personally took a telephonic interview with me to understand my preferences and the skill set I can bring to the table. What I really liked was that the call was not just to check whether I was suitable for the role but to also gauge if a certain profile suited my professional requirements and would help me build my career. The entire process was easy-going, and driven seamlessly by their team. I didn’t have to worry about scheduling my interview, following up with HRs, or negotiating my package. They took care of pretty much everything.  

How was your experience with the people behind Workship? What was their role in your job hunting journey?

Starting from the initial evaluation call until my joining, I had constant support and guidance from Workship’s end. Regardless of what my questions were about — the company, job profile, or work culture, Sandeep and his team were readily available to answer everything.

To top that, I was impressed by how disciplined and organized the whole process was. I was not troubled with unnecessary calls or emails. Once I made my profile, added all the necessary details and took the test, I only had to worry about preparing for further interviews. Sandeep promptly got on a call with me once I cleared the test and offered to match me to relevant profiles — which he did.

Before I knew it, I had an interview scheduled for the profile I had been seeking at my current organization.

Did you also try other recruitment portals? How different was your Workship experience as compared to them?

Frankly, I didn’t really invest much time in other recruitment portals.

Once Sandeep called me, I felt immediately at ease. Workship was not only ready to match my skill set to the right profile but was undertaking the responsibility of making my entire hiring experience as smooth as possible. There was a mutual trust involved — I was honest with them about my expectations and they were dedicated to getting me the right job.

I guess that’s what makes the experience different from the others. They understand the candidate, unlike many other portals which just match key phrases in our resumes to the job descriptions and forward it.  

What, according to you, are the most common pain points that candidates encounter while looking for a job?

According to me, these are the pain points that candidates like me often face:

  • Asking the candidate’s current CTC or deciding the CTC based on factors other than the candidate’s skill level. I think the candidates should be asked about their expected compensation. Then, they should be evaluated for whether they deserve it or not. Why does it matter what they were making in a previous job as long as their skill set and experience justify their demand for a certain salary figure?
  • Giving the candidates an incorrect picture of the job profile. For instance, the candidate is promised a job role “X” as per the JD but after joining it turns out to be role “Y”.
  • Keeping the process on hold midway for months, and sometimes, never communicating the status of the process. Ideally, the hiring process should be wrapped up within a few days. And the status, whether it’s acceptance or rejection, should be communicated promptly to the candidate. Any additional feedback is extremely appreciated. But I’ve seen many HRs who never feel it’s necessary to intimate the candidate when they’re rejected for a position.

How successful would you say Workship has been in combating these issues?

During my conversations with Workship, I was asked about my CTC in the previous company. I’m guessing that the company might have asked them to do so because most of them do, so no complaints there.

I appreciate that Workship never painted an inaccurate picture of the role I was being considered for. I was told about job expectations very clearly.

Most importantly, Workship’s greatest success was bridging the hiring communication between the company and the candidate. I was always updated about the progress of my application and that was really helpful.  

If you could give one suggestion to candidates searching for a job, what would that be?   

My advice to every candidate is simple- Never compromise on the quality of work and work culture for better compensation.

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