The Process
Step 1: Partner With Workship

Share your recruitment needs with us through
a prompt onboarding process.

Step 2: Get Streamlined Recommendations

Do-away with resume and phone screening and get
pre-vetted recommendations based on the Workship Qualifier
along with a detailed assessment record of the candidate.
Each recommendation is based on:

The Workship Qualifier

A two-part process that is a combination of:

Technical Quiz:

This quiz tests the candidate’s basic proficiency in computer systems and gauges their subject knowledge.

Technical Interview:

Workship’s technical experts conduct a detailed-technical interview, involving a live coding session, to gauge the candidate’s technical strengths, blind spots and proficiency.

Step 3: Hire and Grow

Evaluate the candidate in an on-site interview, and roll out the
offer to complete your recruitment within 15 days.

Recruitment Without Workship

Your Involvement: High
Time To Hire: 145 Hours

Recruitment With Workship

Your Involvement: Low
Time To Hire: 25 Hours

Direct Applicants
Workship Recommended

Companies That Hire Through Us

We Manage Your Hiring Better

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Only proficient and skilled profiles filtered out by the Workship Qualifier that match your requirements are shared.

Expert Interviewers

Experienced tech-experts that have built and shaped innumerable teams and worked with companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco interview the candidates.

Assessment Report

Comprehensive candidate's assessment report highlighting their problem-solving, coding and communication skills shared along with their profiles.

Saved Time

Conduct only the on-site round to select the perfect candidate saving up to 80% of your hiring time.

Talk To Us About Your Hiring Needs

FAQs For Employers

Workship helps fast-growing software product companies to build their tech team. Workship technically evaluates software engineers and shares only the pre-vetted candidates with companies.
Workship shares pre-vetted candidates with the companies eliminating the need for resume screening and phone-screening interviews. You need to conduct only the on-site round saving up to 80% of your engineering time.
Workship Qualifier consists of an online quiz which tests fundamentals of computer science of a candidate. After passing the quiz, the candidate appears for an online interview with Workship Interviewer that involves a live coding session. The candidate is evaluated on problem-solving, coding and communication skills. The candidates clearing this interview round qualifies to be recommended for opportunities on the Workship platform.
Most of the portals do resume-based sourcing of the candidates. On the contrary, Workship shares profiles based on the technical proficiency of the candidates. We evaluate and share feedback of the candidates on their problem solving, coding and communication skills.
Our interviewers are veterans in the software product industry who have themselves built large and scalable distributed systems. They have built high performing teams and interviewed hundreds of candidates. Workship interviewers have worked in companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and have also contributed to the growth of several up-and-coming startups.
With Workship, you can save up to 80% of your engineering time in hiring as it eliminates your need for resume screening and phone screen rounds. The candidates recommended by us are pre-vetted. So, we filter out all irrelevant applications for you and you evaluate only a select few. Typically, one out of three recommended candidates gets an offer.
Once you express your intent to partner with us, we evaluate the company on certain parameters in an exploratory call. If both of us are positive on the partnership, we start the onboarding process. The onboarding process consists of understanding your company, product, team, and position, etc. This is a one-time activity and helps us get into the hiring manager’s shoes.
We would like to work with great software product companies, where we would be proud to present the opportunity to candidates. Simple evaluation criteria for us is that we would like to place candidates with companies that we would like to work with personally.
About a week. Once we agree on the terms and conditions and sign the contract, we would immediately start onboarding you.
We are presently active in Bangalore and Pune.
We predominantly help in hiring backend engineers, distributed systems engineers, software engineers.
According to research by a VC firm, it takes 990 hours to hire a team of 12 people over 1 year. This is about 20 hrs a week. We want to take the load of hiring off your shoulders so you can focus on your core business.
Workship charges per hire basis with 90 days guarantee. No upfront charges to engage with us.
We partner only for full-time employment.
Yes, we can help you in onboarding remote candidates too, as long as the engagement is for a full-time job.