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manual onboarding


We spend time with your technology leaders to deeply understand the work, tech stack, team composition, your culture and current hiring process. This helps us understand the kind of candidates that would be a perfect-fit for your company.

pre-vetted candidates


We spend time with every candidate to evaluate whether they are a perfect match, skill-wise as well as culture-wise, even before sharing their profiles with you. This helps reduce your time spent on evaluation of profiles.

feedback loop

Feedback Loop
for Efficient Hiring

We work closely with your hiring managers and technology leaders for feedback on every shared candidate. This helps us better understand and share qualified and suitable candidates.

Companies That Hire Through Us

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The Difference

Engineers hiring for engineers on your behalf. That’s our secret sauce.

Hire through us
Database search for relevant candidates.
The Difference Review for a technical match.
(Technical Person)
HR call to understand motivation and expectations.
The Difference Preliminary tech interview.
(Qualified Interviewer)

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

Other Sources
Time to hire
30 Hrs
200 Hrs
Profile Quality
80% shortlisted in one go
Noisy/Irrelevant/1% match
Offer Ratio
10% (Till now)
Client Time Commitment
Last min drop outs
Very Low

We Manage Your Hiring Better

no spamming


We don’t source candidates by unsolicited bulk communication. Our process is carefully designed to honour and respect everyone’s privacy.

sell your company right

Sell Your

Don’t have a careers page? No job descriptions to share? That’s okay! We create all the communication collaterals on your behalf.

transparency trust

We Ensure
and Trust

Our process is completely transparent and we work with a sense of building trust. This ensures that expectations from both the parties are openly discussed and met.

last minute


We have not yet had a single candidate rejecting an offer at the eleventh hour. And we have placed over 100 candidates in some of the best tech companies in India.

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FAQs for Employers

Workship is a specialised recruitment consulting firm working with fast-growing software product companies to build their tech team. We can help expedite your search for the best talent and assist in closing them.

Technical hiring is best done by technical people. Technology leaders in companies, however, are busy working on bigger problems. Hiring usually falls through the cracks.

Our team is led by experienced technology professionals who’ve handled hiring for some of the biggest tech firms. Our experience helps us quickly identify your needs, find the people who’d match your requirements and help move things ahead.

We also emphasize on the candidate as well as company experience in the entire process.

Workship partners with you to help build your tech team. We are an extended team for you to take care of your hiring needs. We thoroughly understand your needs and then start working on it. We connect closely with Hiring Managers directly (in technical language) and keep calibrating our understanding to continuously improve the process.

We do share our feedback with the hiring managers and suggest process improvements, if any.

Workship with its experience of working with many software companies has found a few patterns as well as anti-patterns. If we feel something is missing and can help improve the process, we would certainly suggest to you.

One of the companies that we partnered with had very low acceptance rate from the candidates once the offer was rolled out. After taking a closer look at their process, we shared some pointers which dramatically increased their conversions. In fact, they successfully hired 6 engineers within a short span of two weeks.

Across all the customers, we have achieved 80% shortlisting rate. If we share 10 profiles with you, expect at least 8 of them being shortlisted for the screening round.

This is our secret sauce. Reading between the lines - in your JD as well as the candidate profiles, interaction with you during the onboarding process and the feedback that you give. We’ve been doing this for a long time. You could say we have a ‘feel for it’ now.

Once you express your intent to partner with us, we evaluate the company on certain parameters in an exploratory call. If both of us are positive on the partnership, we start the onboarding process.

Onboarding process consists of understanding your company, product, team, and position, etc. This is a one-time activity and helps us get into the hiring manager’s shoes.

We would like to work with great software product companies, where we would be proud to present the opportunity to candidates. Simple evaluation criteria for us is that we would like to place candidates with companies that we would like to work with personally.

About a week. Once we agree on the basic terms and conditions, we would immediately start onboarding you. This is a one-time activity which helps us understand you completely.

We are right now active in:

  1. Pune
  2. Banglore
  3. Chennai
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Mumbai
  6. Delhi/Noida

According to research by a VC firm, it takes 990 hours to hire a team of 12 people over 1 year. This is about 20 hrs a week.
We want to take the load of hiring off your shoulders so you can focus on your core business.

Workship owns your end-to-end hiring pipeline. All you need to do is interview the candidates and share feedback with us.

We understand your company, product, team structure, the hiring processes and then the JD. We might even rewrite the JD to make it impactful. We then start sharing profiles with you, get your feedback, coordinate for all interview scheduling, help in coming up with the right offer for candidates, help negotiate the offer, follow up with candidates till they join and then do a casual follow up post joining to check their comfort in the new place.

This leaves you with just conducting the interviews and sharing feedback. Our portal is designed for ease of communication.

Workship charges per hire basis with 90 days guarantee. No upfront charges to engage with us.

We partner only for full-time employment.

Yes, we can help you in onboarding remote candidates too, as long as the engagement is for a full-time job.

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